Collaboration : Group-IRSEA and Fondation Frédéric Gaillanne - EN

For several years, the IRSEA and the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation have been collaborating on research projects and in the context of behavioral monitoring of dogs.

CECBA, IRSEA: With the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation towards a common ambition 

Since 2020, an amendment to the agreement was signed between the Group-IRSEA and the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation, indeed, two entities of the Group IRSEA are to be taken into account in this collaboration:

- The IRSEA, collaborating on research projects, including a doctoral thesis on the identification of factors influencing the acquisition and development of skills necessary for the work of guide dogs for visually impaired children.
This thesis is therefore in cooperation with the Foundation. This collaboration mobilizes researchers, technical, engineers of the IRSEA but also members of the Foundation and has already resulted in scientific publications and presentations at international conferences.

- The CECBA, which is in charge of monitoring the behavior and well-being of the dogs of the Fréderic Gaillanne Foundation.


Audits to evaluate the well-being of the dogs 

Since this year, the CECBA has set up a collaboration to carry out animal welfare audits every three months at the Foundation located in L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue. This is a continuous follow-up and therefore a close collaboration around the animal welfare of these dogs that help human beings in their work.

Within the CECBA, the graduates of the European College of Behavioral Medicine and Animal Welfare (ECAWBM) as well as the residents come to the foundation to exchange with the staff about the life habits of the dog, its socialization with its fellow dogs or with humans, their training and all the aspects present in the life of the dog in training. 

This beautiful collaboration allows the IRSEA, as well as the CECBA, to work on cases and to train future specialists in Behavioral Medicine and Animal Welfare. The Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation surrounds itself with specialists and ensures that the dogs are well-balanced and therefore better able to be trained as guide dogs. 


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