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CECBA also offers its expertise in the service of animal welfare. We are talking here about audits and advice for domestic or production animals, zoo parks or shelters... The aim is to improve living conditions, breeding conditions and to bring and maintain these animals in optimal welfare.

We offer you the opportunity to have real tools to improve the welfare of your animals while taking into account your economic concerns.

CECBA audits for pets



Animal welfare audits are professional expertises carried out by a competent and impartial agent, which allow us to assess possible problems in livestock farming, identify risk factors, and then propose action and improvement plans.

Pour ce qui concerne les animaux domestiques (chats, chiens, NAC, chevaux…) ces types d’audit trouvent un intérêt pour toute condition qui prévoit un regroupement d’animaux à des fins divers : laboratoires de recherche, élevages pour la vente, refuges, centres équestres…

These audits are carried out at the request of the animal manager for a personal interest in improving the conditions of detention and the quality of his services and also in order to prepare as best as possible for regulated veterinary inspections.

Since several welfare assessment methods are available for production animals, CECBA's mission is also to develop and validate methods for domestic species to be used at the request of our customers.

Today a method designed by CECBA staff aimed at the feline species is currently being validated (presented at the European Congress of Behavioural Medicine). It was created taking into account current legislation on the detention of cats and the bibliography on the welfare of this species.

For his writing, IRSEA cats were tested several times in order to refine the questions more and more. During the inspection of an average duration of 2 hours, the auditor is accompanied by the animal manager (technician, engineer, veterinarian) who answers certain questions about the software and who will refer him throughout the journey.

Software has been developed to contain indicators to be evaluated around key themes such as health, behaviour, nutrition, housing and environmental enrichment. Each indicator has a score of 0 to 2. A response equal to 0 means a low level of welfare, a response equal to 1 means an average level of welfare and a response equal to 2 means a high or optimal level of welfare. The software will give the final rating that will classify the group of animals in one of the 3 levels; subjections will then be given for the improvement of each indicator and a follow-up set up to accompany the customer in his improvement process.


Auditing welfare of production animals



The CECBA team consisting of a graduate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine, specializing in the discipline of Animal Welfare, as well as two residents in the process of graduation. This diploma certifies the ability and knowledge of veterinarians specialized in this subject, after a long training, of at least 8-9 years.

Animal welfare implies good health, proper behaviour for each species, good nutrition, adequate living conditions and facilities, and also good productivity and performance of the animals.

A welfare audit of production animals (pig, cow, hen, etc.) consists of the use of a method of assessing the welfare of animals on a farm, through a series of physiological, behavioural, zootechnical and health indicators, to demonstrate scientifically and objectively the level of animal welfare. After completion of the method, which consists of a visit of livestock experts, a discussion with the breeder or person in charge of the animals, and the filling of a form with all the indicators, a report with the results of the audit and a list of suggestions will be made. These suggestions will help breeders and technicians to solve concrete problems that may have on their farm (for example, monitoring a new law, high mortality or increased fighting), or if there are no concrete problems, will advise how to further improve the welfare of these animals and their performance.

It is important to remember that welfare is strongly linked to productivity and performance, as well as food security and public health. This is why animal welfare should be an important topic for everyone.

Finally, for breeders interested in having a breeding with a very good level of welfare, following our recommendations and following up on the breeding, it is also possible to obtain a certificate of animal welfare, which can be highlighted in the final product, for consumers interested in buying products with these characteristics.

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