Veterinarian Training

The CECBA offers many training courses, both for professionals and individuals, always in behavioural medicine and animal welfare.

Residanat to specialize


As regards veterinary training, CECBA and IRSEA are accredited at European level to train future specialists in Behavioural Medicine and Animal Welfare in the form of residanship.


Continuing education


The centre also offers in-service training, covering various topics: pheromonotherapy, biological markers, behavioural rehabilitation, etc. These courses allow professionals in the sector (veterinarians, ASV, educators...) to increase their knowledge on topics that interest them or on which they are work on a daily basis or on which they would like to specialize.




General public


Finally, the CECBA offers the opportunity to train at the level of the General Public. This can be as much training on category dogs for a practical aspect as on communication between man and puppy for a more theoretical aspect.

Do not hesitate to send your request by email to our contact box. We will send you the calendar of the next sessions as soon as possible.

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